Essay: Movie Analysis of Candide and Cunegonde

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Essay: Movie Analysis of Candide and Cunegonde

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Pangloss is welcomed in Jacque’s ship to travel together to Lisbon but before they get to their destination, they are hit by a storm whereby Jacques drowns. They arrive in Lisbon to discover that the town has been severely damaged by an earthquake and is been controlled by inquisition and soon after Pangloss is hanged whereas Candide is severely beaten. After the flossing Candid is taken in by an old woman who dresses his wounds and to his utter disbelief takes him to Cunegonde.  She tells him that although the rest of her family was murdered, she was raped and later taken hostage by a captain who later sold her to Jew known as Don Isaachar. She tells him that she is a sex slave owned Jew and Lisbon’s grand Inquisitor. As they are talking, the two men arrive separately and Candide slays them. For fear of what might be done to them, the three flee and board a ship headed to South America. As they are traveling, the old woman tells them their story revealing she has had to deal with cannibalism, enslavement and rape.

Marriage plans between the two lovebirds are thwarted when the governor of Buenos Aires proposed to Cunegonde and she accepts due to her financial status. Candide has to flee to a Jesuits controlled territory, which are fighting the Spanish government after Portuguese arrive looking for him for murder. Candied discovers that the Jesuit commander is Cunegonde’s brother who also managed to escape the Bulgars.  When Candide announces that he is planning to marry  the barons sister the differ and Candide ends  up killing him and thus fleeing to the forest with a valet named Cacambo where they are almost eaten up by tribe known as Biglugs.

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