Essay: Moral status of abortion

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Essay: Moral status of abortion

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It has been described that there are five actual steps to define the human being (Warren, 1973, p. 129). She states in their study that attentive behavior like object awareness, rational means, and the reaction of anything against anyone, the capability to understand and believe what we are and the self encouraging behavior are the core points which certainly differentiate us from the non- human being and the fetus as well.

Against her point of view different researchers also argued that it should be legally prohibited as to kill fetus is like the same to murder someone who is human being and have the same legal and moral obligations upon any individual. (Thompson & Noonan, 1970) argued that the fetus is the development of a human being and you can say it’s a structure which is in the way to become human being so its moral and legal right of his/her to become a part of this world and play his/her role. For instance it shouldn’t be the right of the mother to kill their children just for the sake of their own benefit because there are lots of parents in this world who are dying to become parents so if you don’t want his/her to be part of your life you can give a chance to those parents who are seeking to get child.

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