Essay: Why Monsters Commit Murders

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Essay: Why Monsters Commit Murders

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The monster feels rejected in the society. He has no one to talk to even his creator since no one can listen to him. He is forced to say that if only I could get a companion, “I should not be so desolate in this peopled earth” (ibid 170). This is a prove that the monster feels out of place and would do anything to make sure that he does not feel rejected. He does all the killing to feel useful in the society and so that his creator can remember him.

The monster starts by murdering William, Victor’s brother and after a lady has been charged of the murder and executed, he reveals the truth to his creator as he requests for a companion. He feels so much alone although he has just been created. He is not satisfied been on his own and would wish the creator to make him a companion who will keep him company and thus will not hut people anymore. He kills to press Victor make him a companion but not because he is a monster. This is proved when the monster says, “My companion must be of the same species, and have the same defects. This being you must create” (ibid 172). This shows that the monster feels rejected by the other people because they do not look alike. He even promises that once he has a companion created for him, he will never bother man’s neighborhood since he will leave with his companion to another far place. There is a time when the monster almost convinces Victor to make him a companion but declines when almost through with the second creation. This hurts the monster very much and he reacts to this by murdering Henry Clerval, his best friend and even leaves finger marks as a prove that he is the murderer. This shows how lack of a companion angers the monster. This shows that the monster did not kill because of its nature but simply because it lacked a companion and felt rejected and lonely.

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