Essay: The moments we shared as a family

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Essay: The moments we shared as a family

Though the picture is good, it never fully captured the moment. The picture never fully shows the rest of the beautiful compound, the trees and flowers. It never tells the story of the day, the full picture of the events and people.

Nor does it capture all my feelings; it only shows the moment I look solemn with a blank look. It does not show the joy I had the laughter of the day.

The picture does not show my father and his reaction on seeing my brother. It only shows him, seated smoking a pipe, looking at my younger brother running.

The things that are important to me as a person were the moments we shared as a family. This picture only shows a portion of it. It does not show the joy we had on this street. It doesn’t even show the neighbors we had, our close friends from across the street who never missed an occasion in our home.The picture being the first to be taken the moment my brother arrived, it does capture my first reaction. At the same time it does not capture my mother’s first reaction her joy and tears as she embraced her son after a long time. The picture did show my little brothers reaction. From it you can see him in all his six year old innocence, his pure and innocent laugh and smile. It shows him in his wet clothes and missing shoes, just like he is always when playing.

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