Essay: The Model of Phinney

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Essay: The Model of Phinney

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Psychologically, model of ethnic identity development is guided by model of Phinney, (1996b). Who state that ethnic identity development start from childhood and is shaped at period of young phase of adulthood.

He suggests that infants and adolescents as they grow, they advance unaware of knowledge about their history culture and ethnicity of their group which are not given by community or society and adults. At an early stage of ethnic identity development, individual’s ethnicity has a low priority within a growing child as a child take cues from social interactions with others and absorption of environment around them (Regard, 2008, p. 248). Within this time and phase of development, child experiences starts from no exposure to his or her ethnicity to reception of negative and positive message about their ethnicity or both. This affects the child when he or she enters next phase of development: adolescence, the child shall have negative, positive or mixed feelings about their ethnicity.

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