Essay: The mission of Existentialism Philosophy

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Essay: The mission of Existentialism Philosophy

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However, individuality as portrayed by existentialism philosophy becomes dangerous if equated to self-centeredness. Its widely held view especially by the philosophers mentioned above may be confused with non-altruistic tendencies. The mission of existentialism philosophy should focus mainly on human dignity and fostering of self-esteem. A society whose people live their full potential is a good and balanced society. As illustrated in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, inner potential lies in the realm of self-actualization (Kaufmann 183). In this light, it can be argued and justifiably so that whenever authorities suppress people’s inner gifts and potentialities they also suppress their capacity for self actualization. Still from Maslow’s point of view other needs must be met to be able to ascend to the level of self-actualization. From this point it can be noted that denying another person other smaller needs like food, clothing or friendship just to mention a few block the person’s potential for self-actualization.

Inasmuch as human beings will want to shape their lives they cannot neglect that they are by nature social beings. In other words, they should endeavor to interact with others if they are to succeed. It is said that no man is an island and that two hands are better than one. Just as how freedom of the will is central to human well-being so does his/her interaction with others. To reiterate, a person’s well-being also depends on others.

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