Essay: Milton: Paradise Lost

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Essay: Milton: Paradise Lost

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Paradise lost is the story by Milton about the way Adam and Eve loose all the good things they have in the paradise. They have been forbidden from eating the fruit form the tree at the center but Satan manages to test them and they get convinced that they both eat the fruit. Instead of God punishing them severely for their disobedience, he applies what is referred to by Milton as justifying his ways to man. He uses grace, justice and free will since he is a loving God and even after man has sinned against Him, he does not take it to His responsibility to punish him entirely.

Anyone who witnesses Adam and Eve betray their creator by eating the fruit he forbids them from eating, sees the necessity of theme being punished and punished severely. Instead of the severe punishment, anyone expects to come from God. He instead throws them out the paradise but gives them a place to live, the earth. To show that he loves and cares for them, he sends angel Michael to them to show them several visions of what they may encounter while on earth. To show His concern, God instructs Michael to explain each of the visions to Adam so that he is not left in the dark trying to understand their meanings.

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