Essay: Military Operations

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Essay: Military Operations

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The size of the combat force was also small for instance as records say of Suich’s Company B  which was estimated at 20 percent below authorized strength, but nonetheless worked around the Somali capital during Operation Restore Hope. Navigation of the area was found to be difficult because inadequacy of maps which, if they were available gave very crude approximation of the required information. This must have been an oversight on the logistics planners who failed to realize that accessibility of some critical areas would not be possible without adequate and up to date maps (Allard, 1995).

Another reason for US Military inability to execute its primary mission at the outbreak of hostilities is due to the use of past experiences in present military operations. When an Operation is in the offing, reference has to be made to another similar operation, not taking into consideration that the two operations are founded on differing principles and that the logistical needs do vary. In the initial stages of an operation therefore, there is more of an earlier operation in it than there is a new operation altogether, something which is utterly wrong. The aspect of financing the operation makes it flop since a lot of funding goes into enabling success I an operation, whether small or big. Military operations are not about taking chances when there is every reason that it will fail. It is in this respect that adequate funding needs to be provided, something that the US military has lacked in several of its operations. Even if more than $280 billion every year is allocated to defense, the amount still is not sufficient considering the growth of hostilities facing the US from around the world.

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