Essay: Causes of middle east conflicts-Negotiations

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Essay: Causes of middle east conflicts-Negotiations

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Negotiation is the closet this conflict has come to the end (Lesch & Tschirgi, 1998, 47). Round table talks organized severally for the involved parties who have given chances to discuss the way forward. Some ground has been covered leading to brief stopping of this conflict (48). For example, in April 2008 Syria indicated that in had been discussing a peace treaty with Israel for a year with turkey as the mediator.

This was to come into fruition under the conditions that USA had another president (Michael, 2011, p.27). This served as a major setback to the peace process thus failing the initiative. A fragile truce between Hamas and Israel expired in Dec. 19, 2008, which had lasted for six months (33). Attempts to prolong the truce were frightened with both parties accusing one another of lack of commitment. This event of temporary ceasefire between the involved parties is a good indicator that the only hope viable for these nations is negotiations.

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