Essay: Middle East Conflict between Israel and Palestinians

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Essay: Middle East Conflict between Israel and Palestinians

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This paper has discussed the Middle East conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. It has looked into the most probable cause of this basing on both religious and cultural reasons. Possible solutions assessed indicate that dialogue is the most reliable avenue to a peace breakthrough. Both short term and long term interest of the US in the Arab region from the past show that material gains particular oil was the main cause of invasion in exchange for formal lifestyles mainly education.

Turkey is a major force to reckon and emulated by the developing nation basing on its stands in the Middle East and its religion backgrounds. This country will play a key role in negotiating for peace as long as it remains as it is currently. Arab nationalism is seen as a positive step taken by the Arab world as it has greatly improved the way their economies operate and thus having better chances of prevailing in future.

Intentions by Muslim radicals have lead to emergence of other affiliate groups that have opted to violence as a way to accomplish their mission. Their efforts are however likely to hit a snag as credible opposition is being offered to these violent groups.

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