Essay: Methods of Measuring Obesity

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Essay: Methods of Measuring Obesity

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Medical experts have come up with methods of measuring the obese conditions. They have developed scientific methods such as the body mass index.  The body mass index has been accepted and has been widely used worldwide. Body mass index assist in understanding if one has too much weight, this is calculated mathematically by the height in squared meters of an individual, and his/her weight (Yvonne, p1140).

Individuals that register a body mass index between 25.0 and 30 are known to be overweight. While those with a body mass index above 30 are said to be obese. Other scholars have however challenged the application of body mass index to determine the obesity or overweight of children; this is mainly because there are a number of factors that may affect the weight of a child in addition to their height. For example, children with huge muscles tissues will weigh more than those who have similar size of fat and they are not overweight and obese. Children who have a likelihood of developing obese or being overweight should ensure that they maintain a significant mass index so as to avoid complication that are related to accumulation of excessive fat in the body.

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