Essay: Best Methods of Motivation Strategy

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Essay: Best Methods of Motivation Strategy

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According to Kovach (1987), the age and the amount of pay given to the employees determine the best methods of motivation strategy to apply. In analyzing the results of his research, he concluded that when the pay of the employees rise to a certain amount, pay that has been their motivator initially becomes a lesser motivator for them. On the other hand, when employees advance in age, the best motivation strategy to use is the assigning of interesting tasks to them. This makes the feel less bored or getting tired easily since with heir age they will be conducting less amount of work. In his research, pay was not the first factor ranked by the employees as the one that influenced their performance the most. This implies that managers should not have the notion that if they pay their employees well and get tough on them, they will be increasing their performance. It has also been found that employees leave their work places while they had huge amounts of pay arguing that hey did not feel motivated (Accel-Team, 2010).

It is advisable that managers use a combination of the motivational factors to yield the best employee performance results. In their research, Wood et al (1990), they concluded that employees performed to their best when they felt highly motivated. Since different employees can be motivated by different strategies of motivation, they found out that the organization that employed a combination of the motivation strategies came up with the best results. The firms that employed only a single all combination of very few motivation factors came up with poor results. These firms could only motivate a section of the employees and leave out the rest and this made the employees feel like they are not treated equally and thus high turnover rates were reported. It is therefore worthy noting that whichever the motivation combination used, employees should feel equal and thus increase their performance significantly.

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