Essay: Men in the Sun

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Essay: Men in the Sun

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The Palestine’s have continued to be angered by the expansion of Israel into their land. They have further created settlements and this had made the Palestine’s to perceive that Israel is not interested with making peace agreement.

When the Palestine’s hit back through terrorist attacks who most of the time are suicide bombers, the Israel react explosively killing civilians, destroying building, government offices, water system, roads, and electricity supply among many others. Through this, the Palestine’s perceives the attack on civilians and destruction of infrastructure as a sign of denial of an independent state. In Men in the Sun, the three refugees who were aboard Abul Khaizuran water trunk were denied freedom and died due to extreme heat. The innocent people of Palestine have been killed through military operations executed by Israel and in some cases, some have lost part of their body parts while most have died, a god example of attack of civilians by Israel was in 2002 march to April where crimes against humanity were reported. Similarly, in Kafanani’s novel, Abul Khaizuran genitals were blown off making him impotent during an attack by Israel on Americans as some of his compatriots died.

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