Essay: A Memorable Picture

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Essay: A Memorable Picture

The picture does not show, rushing out of the door to greet my brother. It does not show, my brother running up the steps to greet mother. With a bouquet of flowers he had bought for her, come to think about it. He confessed to me, he had obtained the flowers for his girlfriend, but did not get to give her, as they had broken up the same afternoon.

He joked about it, and we laughed about it, promising not to tell mother if he allowed us to sit for a while in his room talking late into the night.

He was a funny young man; he still has his sense of humor to this day. This picture reminds me, so much of the good times we had in that house. How we always looked forward to spending time with my brother, he always looked for something for us to play with, a joke he always had for us. He made us laugh; we loved checking up on him with my friends, for he would always make us laugh.

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