Essay: Mediterranean Society under the Greeks and Romans

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Essay: Mediterranean Society under the Greeks and Romans

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Both Greece and Rome are Mediterranean countries, but the terrain of the two is very different. The two main cities of ancient Greece bordered water but most of Italy is geographically placed to the interior of the mainland. (Bentley et al 2008 pps 22-54)  Initially China and India were thought to be the most civilized nations but Greece and Rome rivaled that said civilization. The history of these two countries is the basis of the many things that tickle the bells in the modern Middle East, Europe and its entire former colonies.

However, the Greeks and Romans had similar and different socio-economical institutions; their politics had the greatest influence in the civilization of the Mediterranean. It is of paramount importance to note that the Greeks and the Romans followed aristocratic rule although they both tried to exhibit democracy in their governance. In the Mediterranean, their civilization is closely related to the teachings of Confucius, the famous Chinese philosopher. Even though the Greeks had no definite political style, it is worthy noting that they emphasized on democracy where by every member of the society had a chance to air his or her views.

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