Essay: The Mediterranean Civilization

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Essay: The Mediterranean Civilization

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The fact that these people were farmers made them self-sustaining for they all practiced commercial agriculture. This meant that everybody in the society had enough food to eat and remain with a surplus for selling to those who did not practice agriculture. It is important to note that the fact that these nations were self sufficient in food led to establishment of empires since no one was ready to borrow from the other. The Mediterranean civilization emphasized more on trade, which was based on slave trade as their main economic activity for “Greeks also became directly involved in Roman society by way of slavery and later foundations.” (All Empires Online History Community 2010) Although men were the leaders in the families, women were in some cases allowed to engage in businesses. The influence of the Romans and the Greeks assured that women were listened to more than it happened in China and India. It is through the teachings of these philosophers that women were given a chance to air their views in the society.

The Greeks, who gave off many important scientific, philosophical, and political innovations and ideas, are often considered to be the root of western civilization. (All Empires Online History Community 2010)The modern day democracy that is being practiced in the Western world is because of the teachings of Greek and Roman philosophers who taught people the need of fighting for their rights even it meant going against the wish of the king. Socrates sacrificed his life to show his students that he stood for his teachings. Romans and the Greeks brought civilization to the people as they went about for business alternatively, adventure. The Romans and the Greeks introduced modern day international trade and the Western world copied most of it from them. This is because they were among the first people in the world to get civilized and they went around spreading it. They practiced commercial farming during those early something that is largely practiced in the Western world today.

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