Essay: Meditech company

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Essay: Meditech company

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The Meditech company is a major player in the technology and medical product industry which provides hospitals and medical institutes with supplies, materials as well as technology for surgical procedures and tool for aiding preparing of patients for surgery as well as helping them recover from operative procedures (Simchi-Levi, et al, 2003).

The company is relatively new to the industry with only six years of experience in operating in the market as an independent entity. The company has been fighting a product launch battle, facing stiff competition from National Medical. However the company has only been able to ascertain a major share of the market due to its strategy of targeting the market. While National Medical was targeting the surgeons, the Meditech Company targeted the materials procurement executives at hospitals and health care facilities. The crunch on the costs of medical procedures provided the company with the advantage attaining a dominant position in the market.

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