Essay: Media impact on Teenagers

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Essay: Media impact on Teenagers

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There is also evidence present through these studies that the current sex education and pregnancy prevention education programs are a main factor contributing to the increase in the sexual activity and the awareness amongst the children, however they are not completely successful in abating teenage pregnancy.

For this formal prevention programs as stated above need to be established. Moreover the media also has to be monitored as in 2003 it was recorded that the top 20 programs ruining on the TV focused on the teenagers had sexual intercourse depicted while 80% of them favored sexual activity in the teenagers. Therefore it is important to restrict the viewer ship of such programs and such content by the underage teens specially those who are 15years or younger. Moreover the family should also provide the basics of a prevention education by establishing that sexual activity should be abstained form until the child goes on to get married or has completed his/ her college education in the least.

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