Essay: Measuring Intelligence

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Essay: Measuring Intelligence

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Measuring intelligence is difficult but there are certain principles that are followed in order to ascertain whether one has EI. People who are perceived to have a higher degree of EI are supposed to possess skills of deciphering and detecting emotions portrayed in pictures, voices, faces and even in artifacts. It is important to note that these kinds of people have the abilities of solving problems at hand using emotions. The change of their moods is supposed to drive a point home.

Through watching the people one is associating with, he or she should be able to understand what the person he or she is talking to is thinking through the emotions he is expressing. For any person to be considered as an EI person he or she should be able to learn even the slightest changes in the emotions of the people one is associating with. Last but not the least it is of paramount importance for the said person to be able to control his or her emotions and the emotions of the people he is dealing with. It is through the abilities of an EI that one is able to take advantage of the fact that he is in a position to control his and the other people’s emotions that he can even utilize negative thoughts from the people he is dealing with to achieve his desired targets. (Smith 2002)

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