Essay: McDonaldization of America

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Essay: McDonaldization of America

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Schlosser does not fail to mention that, as Jim Hightower “the McDonaldization of America” (Schlosser 5),  a lot needs to be done about the availability of fast food restaurants in America and in the world at large. Since it is evident that fast foods are directly linked to obesity among the children just like the adults, a lot needs to be by the public, non-governmental organizations and the government too.

The medical cost incurred trying to meet the complications caused by obesity can used in a more constructive way. The parents of the obese children should not critize their children but encourage them. They should hire diet consultants for these victims, encourage them to engage in physical activity and prepare balanced diets. The lobby groups need to sensitize the Americans about the dangers of fast foods and unhealthy diets otherwise the problem of obesity will remain to haunt America forever.

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