Essay: McDonald Product Safety and Quality

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Essay: McDonald Product Safety and Quality

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It is important to note that the successful nature of the McDonald franchises is a coagulation of three terms namely Quality, Service and Cleanliness. All three are ulterior moves to maximize profit. The company has invested heavily on its workers and its training and supervision of its workers account in a large way to the success of this franchise business. The company uses up to date technologies for instance automated registers, internet connections..

McDonald products safety and quality are maintained within a combination of product standards it has stipulated, good relationship with suppliers as well as laying down and implementation of operating procedures. In order to achieve this, the company has put up quality assurance labs in all its establishment locations that define as well maintain specifications of raw and cooked products. In addition to this, McDonald inspectors do on-site inspection on the franchise as well as its supplier’s facilities. Various franchise units have their food preparation monitored closely by these people while their manner and procedures of maintaining equipments and cooking facilities. In this breath therefore McDonald authorized the installation of Made For You Food preparation system in all units in Canada and U.S.A. that ensures that food taste and quality is improved and also enabling the company to have fresh, hot and made to order sandwiches delivered while still hot. To be at par with health standards, the company burdens itself with providing information to healthcare professional on all that is offered in the menu.

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