Essay: McDonald Management

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Essay: McDonald Management

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McDonald management has been able to standardize its products but also has been able to focus on working on a franchise model whereby the company distinguishes regional franchises and this does not only mean hiring capable business partners but goes well beyond that. The company has established a University known as the McDonald’s University, which offers a course that guides franchisees in thorough training schedules. The training that is offered is as rigorous to such points as to necessitate partaking a course in the university although it is not compulsory.

All prospect franchise owners and their management team go through the training where important tips of subtleties of dealing with customers, the manner in which the brand should look or feel. Further, they are trained on how to come up with the layout plan and finally how to ensure that the customer always gets the same standardized feel or experience in any of the McDonald outlet irrespective of the geographical location. This form of McDonald standardization has given the brand a great competitive edge in the market place.

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