Essay: McDonald as a Leading Food Service Provider

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Essay: McDonald as a Leading Food Service Provider

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Though McDonald began as a restaurant in 1955 going public in 1965, the franchisers need to recognize the fact that the firm’s homogeneity is enjoyed in more than 100 countries and McDonalds is the leading food service provider in the world. Its quality and variety of products has been the backbone for McDonald success in the global village (Bhattacharyya 130). The inspectors of McDonald recognize the fierce competition from other competitors and if caution is not taken (Business Intelligence Braintrust 77), the competitors are going to win a bigger market share, among the competitors is Pizza hut, Burger King, Wendy’s and Taco Bell among others.  The franchises are managed uniformly sharing all the values at McDonald. The advertising is carried out at national and international level and the franchises enjoy the advantage. This is because the advertisements for the over 30,000 are tailor made and very effective. The franchises must follow the advertising standards set by McDonald.

For any franchisee, it is a great business opportunity to be a franchise for McDonald due to the global brand name. however, for McDonald, any franchisee must meet certain standards that the McDonald’s inspectors must audit before signing any business contract. Due to the vastness of the business opportunity in McDonald, the franchisee enjoys the profits arising from the corporation’s global image. In efforts to maintain and sustain that global image, the McDonald inspectors keep a track on all the franchises to ensure that they follow to letter the McDonald values. Failure to which the contract is terminated and the damages paid.

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