Essay: McDonald Franchises

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Essay: McDonald Franchises

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McDonald franchises boasts of the large brand value in the niche of fast food services. Its products range from hamburgers to desserts. Therefore, high standards of everything are required. Constantly the franchise has to deal with issues of health bearing in mind that it deals with food. Supervision of its franchises is overseen by the McDonald’s fraternity. This includes training normally conducted before a franchise is opened or established anywhere in the world. The training also is offered by the McDonald management. Due to its brand status, the company maintains high standards and hence it keeps track of changing trends of food habits. Any change requires an update in all franchises in such a way that a customer receives the same services anywhere in the world. Buying sentiments also evolve and change dramatically all over the planet and keeping watch and advising the franchises accordingly is well managed by its fraternity.

First McDonald management team ensures that all facilities found in any of its franchises located anywhere in the world is similar. The choice of location is absolute importance to the management team. There franchises are widely known to be located in densely populated areas and frequently they are tied-up with either gas stations or shopping malls. The reason behind this move it has to guarantee strategic procedures that will ensure profitability making it possible for all franchises to excel without any problems. In addition, the company aims at capturing in a unique way the capacity of the surrounding people to earn and consequently providing regularly quality products to this people aiming at customer satisfaction always. The choice of location in a densely populated area or public utility zone is characteristic of these franchises, which is a very positive resume for them and has been the trend since the beginning and continues to this day.

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