Essay: Maternal Employment

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Essay: Maternal Employment

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There is increase in working mothers despite the need of their children to have the care of their mothers and the time demands they need from the mothers (Eggebeen et al 149). Children develop well and fast when they are taken care of by their mothers rather than by house helps. It is only the mother who can understand well her child even though he or she does not know how to speak. There is a special way of communication by the child to the mother. It is proved that a mother is the only person who can tell of her child being sick and what it is that the child is suffering from (Baum 403).

Working of mothers when their children are barely one year old affects the children. It is therefore encouraged that learned mothers are given long paid maternity leaves so that they can first nurture their children up to one year old and then get back to work. It has been argued that most mothers around 33% return to work when their children are barely three months old (Baum 381). This work does not only have detrimental effect on the child but also has negative effects on the mother. However, the negative effects on the mother are outdone by the increase in income and are thus not significant.

Most researchers have concluded that the mother’s care is the most contributing factor to the child’s development. This does not mean that mother’s should not work but rather only after the children are over one year old.

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