Essay: Maternal employment and child’s development

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Essay: Maternal employment and child’s development

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The mothers in the labor force are increasing drastically. In the year 1968, only 21% of the mothers who had children aged less than one year were in the labor force. This has increased to 60% in 2002 (Hill, et al 833). There are some arguments that mothers should not go back to work before their children can reach up to one year of age. For their argument to be logical, researchers should be able to prove to the mothers that their failure to stay with their children until they reach one year of age is dangerous to the child.

These articles prove that child’s development entirely depends on the love of the mother. The nature and the capacity of love that children get determine their development. The love of the mother leads not only to the emotional growth of the child, but also to the biological growth of the nervous system and the brain. The brain of the child is believed to be built by the environment that surrounds the child. The closeness of the mother to the child is the best environment a child can have. Therefore, mothers should not work when their children are of small age but rather should stay to care after them.

Most of the studies conducted on the issue of effect of maternal employment on child’s development are a bit difficult because of the limitations on the data collected to show the direct impacts of children who their, others work at their early ages. For instance, Hill and his group did not collect their own data but only reviewed earlier researched cases, which are not very much reliable. They faced the problems of multiple imputation and missing data (Hill 836). In future, there is need to include the results of the mothers who never worked but remained home to be with their children.

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