Essay: Mass Communication and U.S. Culture in the 1920s

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Essay: Mass Communication and U.S. Culture in the 1920s

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Advertising has become the trend of marketing in all the countries all over the world.  The right time to advertise as well as the targeted audience should be determined before the advert is being designed. The financial allocation should also be specified so that the advert becomes a success. Advertising changes the notion a buyer has on the kind of product he or she wants to buy and this makes it possible to increase sales by convincing people to buy what one is selling.

Advertising is a form of imagination but it changes the way people consume by increasing the volumes they consume and also changing the brands they buy. Mass marketing and mass communication has to be done to influence consumption rates. This type of advertising did not exist in the United States in the 1920’s for people could only consume only what they had faith in. Since there were no forms of electronics to have the adverts announced, it was hard to have the adverts too. They did not keep on tasting everything that has come to the market. There was no way they could be convinced to buy some items they had never seen before.

In order for the advert to pass the intended message, the combination of the colors and the images should be perfect. It should also be directed to the right targeted group. For instance, the words used by Mein Kempf to write a book which is printed few days before his releases from the jail and affords to be the fifth best selling book. It shows that his words are touchy and thus forces many clients want to have the book.

Advertising is sometimes seen as the one that dictates what people should do.

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