Essay: Maslach Burnout Inventory-General Scale

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Essay: Maslach Burnout Inventory-General Scale

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Leiter and Maslach (2009) conducted a study to show the relationship between nursing burnout and nurse turnover in the year 2007. Questionnaires were distributed to nursing managers in all the four provinces of the Atlantic of Canada in selected hospitals. In order to encourage participation nurses who participated were entered in to a draw.  There were 667 respondents with a majority of women as there were only 33 men. 25 nurses of the respondents did not provide details for their gender. Burnout was measured using the Maslach Burnout Inventory-General Scale (MBI-GS) which tests the challenges that the respondents face in their work and how they handle them.  This method is used to measure inefficacy-efficacy, exhaustion-energy and cynicism-involvement. This is the feeling that a nurse will express about the type of work he or she is doing. For example, a person might say that he is confident that he is doing a great job or that he feels burned out in his work (Leiter & Maslach, 2009).

Workload has the highest correlation between exhaustion, which leads to feeling burned out as opposed to efficacy and cynicism. Though cynicism was close to the norm, on the other hand efficacy was below the norm. However, exhaustion was observed to be on the positive side. The study gives insight into the relationship between the feelings that one has for his or her job in relation to whether he or she might quit the job. As expected those who are feeling burned-out in their jobs are most likely to quit their jobs than those who are satisfied with their jobs (Leiter & Maslach, 2009).

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