Essay: Marking an Assignment using a Red Pen

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Essay: Marking an Assignment using a Red Pen

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It is of paramount importance to note that the color of the pen one is using can be used to gauge the number of errors he or she might have made in what he was doing. It is also worth noting that red pens are correlated with correction of errors in a paper, which translates to the performance of the person being assessed. If too much red appears in one’s work, it means that he or she had made very many mistakes. In other words, the amount of the red pen in a student’s work is directly proportional to the number of mistakes he had done.

When one is doing an assignment using a red pen, he is prone to writing more words, which have errors than one who is doing the same assignment using a black pen. Consequently marking an assignment using a red pen produces many mistakes thus meaning poor grades than when the same work is marked using a blue pen. This shows that the color of the pen a teacher is using to correct an essay can influence the result that will be awarded. It is thus important to ban the usage of red pens by teachers when they are marking.


Thus, it is evident that teachers who are using red pens in correcting their students’ works have a higher probability of detecting a higher number of errors in the work than a teacher who is using a pen of different color, thus issuing lower grades.. At the same time, people using red pens in writing are prone to writing a higher number of words with errors than those using different pens. Red pens have for long being associated with errors so, the fact that one is using one makes him  or her to start thinking in terms of how many errors are there rather than looking for the correct answers. This shows that no matter how much efforts a teacher might put in order to be comfortable when correcting, can be thwarted by using a red pen in his work.

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