Essay: Marketing Strategy of Nike

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Essay: Marketing Strategy of Nike

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Bo knows is marketing strategy that was employed by Nike between 1989 and 1990 that featured Bo Jackson and Bo Diddley. Bo Jackson was a professional baseball player and a footballer while Bo Diddley is a great rock n’ roll singer. The reason for employing this advertisement is that the shoe could be used in cross training. Considering that, Bo Jackson was an influential footballer and a baseball player at the same time, this ad was likely to influence many sports men and other people in the entertainment industry because Bo Diddley influence in entertainment was great.

This is because Bo Diddley was among the first musicians to transform the blues to rock. He is referred to as the originator and is said to have key influence on future musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton among many others. Employing this strategy, Bo Knows campaign was a key success for Nike because these US citizens had great influence on the American society. The ad displays Bo Jackson playing several games that includes hockey, tennis, basketball and baseball soccer, he also plays guitar while the “Cross Training song is written by Bo Diddley. The ad has been modified, very successful and was even used as a Public Service Announcement encouraging students to use Bo strategy who knew most academic subjects.

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