Essay: Marketing Research

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Essay: Marketing Research

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To sum up the paper, marketing research indicates that major societal forces continue to shape the marketing environs. Thus, the societal forces influence buyer behavior which is a concern to the marketing success. However marketing concept emphasis on the lifestyle and psychographic of the target customer; which makes the consumer the ultimate focus in the production and marketing defined by three I’s.

Which are: Intercepting involves targeting and exposing customers to product message wherever they can be found. Secondly, inhibiting that aims at making it as difficult as possible for the customer to compare your product or service with any other options. And lastly, is to isolate that a marketer enter into a direct relationship with the customer and, wherever possible, remove all third parties from the relationship through the use of CRM. Thus what changes that embeds the marketing environment, customer needs remains drive for successful marketing strategy to adopt. Hence a marketer should make all possible efforts to attract, assist and affiliate in marketing process and procedures.

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