Essay: Marketing Plan for the Virtual Dating Company

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Essay: Marketing Plan for the Virtual Dating Company

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The objective for this report is to develop a marketing plan for The Virtual Dating Company. This is because there is a great opportunity in the grossing industry. The marketing plan needs to be strategic in order to beat the competitors who are already established in the industry. The marketing plan needs to have a comprehensive promotional strategy to convince the clients about good feature The Virtual Dating Company has when compared to its competitors. More so, the marketing plan needs to convince the client to pay a fee though other firms charge less while guarantying the security of the ecommerce in this error of escalating cybercrime.


It is imperative for business managers to note that there is a great difference in marketing of services and marketing of products. The services have unique characteristics. These include the fact that, they are intangible, utilized at the point of purchase, cannot be separated from the owner, are perishable, right of transfer of ownership and are not identical.

The marketing mix will capitalize on the promotion and placing strategy. This is because the price is fixed and this service has unique characteristics.

The promotion strategy will mainly focus on e-marketing. Considering the increased access to internet by the global residence, e marketing will play a key role to ensure success. For Virtual Dating Company, the marketing strategy will encompass electronic customer relationship management.

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