Essay: Marketing Mix Employed by Donato Pizza

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Essay: Marketing Mix Employed by Donato Pizza

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According to McCarthy, the pricing strategy of the marketing mix is very important since it directly affects the other components of the marketing mix. To set the prices, a firm has to consider the demand, competition, the costs and the objective of the pricing, (McCarthy 1975). Placing strategy is also a key marketing mix employed by Donato Pizza. Due to the fierce competition in the industry, there is no price competition and the firm sets prices that break even.

The place strategy refers to the way a product is distributed until it reached the end user. A well-organized distribution channel is crucial for the firm to achieve its objective. However, it s imperative to note that the distribution channel is determined by the target market (Kotler, Armstrong, 2009) Donato pizza focuses on locating its business unit at strategic positions in order for the clients to easily accessed its quality products. Donato pizza focuses on intensive distribution of its productions in order to reach all the population in a given market segment. The online Donato directory reveals the strategic location of Donato pizza. (online).

Among its promotional strategy is to focus on building a strong brand name, which shall remain a force to reckon with in the industry. To achieve the objective of establishing a global brand name, the firm has worked closely with 80 associates in TV casting in Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati where 15 finalists were selected to shot TV commercials. The TV commercials displayed these associates tirelessly serving clients with Donato’s delicacies. The creative director for Donato, who has also worked along with many leading brands notes, “The simple truth is there are hundreds of things that Donatos does differently to craft their pizzas to perfection. And nobody knows those details better than the associates who make the pizzas every day” (marketing and promotion, online)

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