Essay: Marketing Mix for Balanced Forever Limited

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Essay: Marketing Mix for Balanced Forever Limited

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There is a high and growing population who earn from the big automobile industry in Detroit. The bid population consists of individual who mostly eat in hotels making the chances of success for Balanced Forever Limited very high.

According to the NetMBA, “marketing decisions generally fall into the following four controllable categories: product, price, place and promotion” (NetMBA, 2007)The marketing strategies include focusing on the 4Ps. The product is differentiated by having a different of mineral concentration. Therefore, different people can consume four different varieties of the same brand. The price is differentiated between those earning low income and middle class. The price differentiation strategy has been very successful. The distribution channels include collaborating with the already established distributor, franchises and merging with other food manufacturers selling complimentary products.

The promotion strategies includes free gives, advertising, discounts, offering free transport for those clients buying the products in bulk.

The marketing mix gives this firm a competitive advantage since the brand name has almost become common in most households. The competitive advantage is not sustainable, considering that these are market entry strategies, once a considerable market share is achieved, the firm must come up with other marketing mix strategies to maintain the market share (2006).

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