Essay: Marketing Campaign for Tell Information Systems

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Essay: Marketing Campaign for Tell Information Systems

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Executive Summary

This report is about my task as an internee of Tell Information Systems.  These tasks were as follows;

1)      Evaluate and help redesign Tell website

2)      Create an Internet marketing campaign for Tell.

This report highlights the benefits a well maintained website and an internet presence could bring to the company including the ability to expose their products and services to millions of potential new customers, learn more about their prospective customers and answer their questions about the products and services, offer customer support and service, and present an improved image of the company.  It also highlights the desired qualities of the website with ways to construct it. A study of Saudi Arabian Internet users in general and the target audience of the website are explored. In addition, a comparison of the Tell website to those of its competitors is made. In this study we craft a general Internet marketing strategy for the website, make a list of requirements for having an efficiently working website and end with some recommendations.

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