Essay: Market segmentation

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Essay: Market segmentation

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The market is going to be segmented in terms of age since different age groups do not require the same needs. It has been found that the young generation like using computers for education, surfing and communicating. On the contrary, most of the house shopping is done by the aged generation and thus will be the right target for E-marketing campaigns.

3.9 Milestones

Implementation of the Helpdesk and Support Management system.

Design and release of the e-Newsletter

Implementation of the Microsoft CRM

Redesign, testing and updating the website

Frequent evenly spaced updates of the website

Implementation of the internet marketing campaign

3.10Customer analysis

The customers are analysed in terms of satisfaction according to the way they have received and responded to the service offered. This satisfaction is used to measure the performance of the marketers are they know whether they have gained their objectives through satisfaction.

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