Essay: Mark and Spencer

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Essay: Mark and Spencer

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With the company having done very wonderfully, the work of the management consultant will be to develop strategies that will help the company maintain sales growth. Since its start, the company has been fluctuating in growth with sometimes doing good and other times the sales drop greatly. With all the lines of products offered by Marks and Spencer Company, it is ensured that there is variety of the products and the customers’ value is maintained. They believe in offering good value and quality products to their customers as a means of maintaining them.  For instance, for the line of food products, they go to the extent of offering cooked and ready to cook food products. This ensures that different types of customers are attracted to the company.

In the efforts of the management to expand the business through acquisition, the stores bought should be of help to the business. For instance, in 1987, the company acquired Kings Super Markets and Brooks Brothers but Kings was too small and thus did not provide enough space required for expansion. The strategy the company has of job ration should continue since this diversifies the professional skills of a person. There should be a set retiring age so that the old and obsolete employees including managers are not kept in the business just to increase costs.

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