Essay: Managing Workplace Stress By Avoiding The Bad Habits

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Essay: Managing Workplace Stress By Avoiding The Bad Habits

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To successfully manage the workplace stress, one needs to decline indulging in any bad habit that may be increasing the stress levels. The bad habits could be cause conflicts between the employees or between the employees and the management. An employee needs to make correct decisions appropriately and break from habits that may be adding stress. An employee needs to develop positive attitude towards stress rather than develop bad habits and thoughts that are likely to prolong stress. Avoiding the bad habits makes an employee be able to manage the employer-inflicted stress.

One needs to do away with goals that cannot be achieved since these are self-defeating attitudes. One needs to realize that no one is perfect and trying to accomplish task perfectly is very stressing and putting one susceptible to undue stress unnecessary. This should not mean that one should complete tasks carelessly but one needs to offer the best services to the employer. One needs to clean up the negative acts. One needs clean up the working station, even if it is the desk, it should be tidied. It is imperative one knows where everything is in the office to avoid wastage of time searching for an item.  Negative habits like lateness in activities need to be culminated by setting the watches with allowances.  Daily activities list is an important tool to avoid missing important activities. Negative attitude should be avoided while at the same time avoiding colleagues with negative attitude pertaining the organization or assigned tasks. One needs to appreciate his/ her achievements even if no one else appreciates them. Through this, one shall be able to manage the stress since the employee will remain optimistic about the future.

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