Essay: Managing Employees with Fairness and Equality

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Essay: Managing Employees with Fairness and Equality

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As a human resource manager, one has to be able to use the skills he has acquired to ensure that he is able to manage his employees with fairness and equality (EbscoHost, 2001). This does not mean that negligent employee should not be punished but it implies that for fairness to be realized, the reasons an employee commits mistakes should be considered. As the arbitrator, in this case where an employee is severely punished even after claiming that she had notified the overall computer manager, I would decide to provoke the kind of punishment being decided on. The employee who committed this error had notified the manager in the initial stages of the error and this implies that the error could have been rectified if the manager had taken the report seriously.

It is clearly shown that the employee relations in this firm are poor since the employees do not relate well (Byars & Rue, 2006). The manager of the computer sector envies this employee in his department may be due to her professional capabilities. The employee has been performing very well and this has led to her promotion been approved. May be the manager has been in the same position for years and thus was looking for a chance to destroy the dreams of the lady-employee. The blame should be put on the manager and be punished accordingly.

The human resource manager should stress on employee relations to ensure that employees relate well in the company. This can prevent errors, which arise out of jealous. This is a clear indication that the management should be able to solve similar problems without the intervention of an arbitrator. By the management listening to both the lady-employee and the manager in her department, they should be able to easily realize the main cause of the differences and solve them. Although this grievance has caused the management extra costs, it can easily be solved by the management.

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