Essay: Manager’s responsibility to manage stress at work place

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Essay: Manager’s responsibility to manage stress at work place

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The manager performance is evaluated by the performance of the employees. Managers therefore need to make certain that the employee suffer minimum stress levels to ensure maximum optimal productivity. Managers therefore need to act as role models while managing the employees stress. The managers need to employ a number of tactics that will guarantee minimum employee stress. The tactics that employee’ include:

  • Improving communication
  • Constant consultation with employees
  • Motivation of employees through incentives and rewards
  • Creation of good working environment

Firms need to communicate continuously communicate with their employees about the future of the jobs and uncertainties in the employment. Communication through the correct channels ensures employees turn over is reduced since they shall build confidence with the management. The management needs to unmistakably identify the employees’ responsibilities and roles. This avoids any conflict of interests among the junior managers, supervisors and employees at large. In reference to communication, the managers must communication efficiently, concisely and in a friendly manner to avoid any form of stress.

The employees need to be consulted constantly in matter that pertain their jobs and employment. The employees need to be consulted on matters pertaining changes in their work regulations, standards and job schedules. Further, the managers need to discuss with the employees concerning their satisfaction with the working conditions, sufficient resources, deadline and the employee’s abilities in the place of work.

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