Essay: A manager as a formative block

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Essay: A manager as a formative block

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A manger is an eminent entity that has been designated as the supervisor of a set of employees. His personality distinguishes in authority and skills. A manager is a formative block of an organizations hierarchy and is thereby regarded as an important personality in an organization. The personality of the manager is determined by his beliefs and behavior. The belief of the manager is depicted in his way of orchestrating his subordinates, which could either be democratic or autocratic.

On the other hand the variable that predicts the personality of a manager in an organization is the priority the manager gives to the organizational interest over the personal interest. It is expected from a manager that he or she will be ethical enough to justify their position s a manager in an organization. Because the very thing that defines their membership to an organization is the degree of the commitment they own for that organization. The ethical code of conduct the management follows and the degree of cohesiveness an employee has with the organizational orientation characterizes the organization they work in.

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