Essay: Management at P&G

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Essay: Management at P&G

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P&G has a company portal that is accessible to all it team members all over the world. More recently they have introduced the online workspace system. This system allows for maximization of utility derived from the learning experiences from team members all over the world. Moreover this system will improve the data mining processes so that whoever needs information about the company’s activities can access them. (Morato, 2009)

In order to understand the commnication processes it is imperative to undestand how he management works at P&G;

The pre-dominant leadership or management style in P&G is that of participatory, delegating, and empowerment. Management has decentralized decision making process in such a manner that middle level management most at times do not have to wait for headquarters approval and funding; in order to embark on certain key innovative projects.  Because of the empowerment given to mid and senior level management within this multinational corporation, it is much easier for management to customize products and customer services internally. It is abundantly clear that, the success of this giant corporation can be closely tied to its management and leadership style.  (Masahudu Gunu, 2010)

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