Essay: Management concepts

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Essay: Management concepts

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Management is a very crucial component in today’s business. This does not matter the type of business one is in or the size of the business but what should be noted is that the manager should be equipped with the necessary management skills to enable him make it is business. A manager who is not skilled or experienced is likely to lead his business astray leading to its closure. There are several management problems which have been identified in today’s business and most of them have been researched upon so at to come up with solution for the managers.

This research paper will focus on the problem of managers failing to properly link motivation to organizational performance. According to Burke et al (2008), organizational performance is directly affected by employee motivation. When employees feel motivated, they take the organization they work for as their own part and will always put efforts to see it succeed in business. The three authors further argue that with low employee motivation, the performance of the organization falls since employees feel that they are not appreciated in the doing of the business and so do not take it as their own. It should also been noted the manager’s great task is that of getting things done through his employees and this calls for the manager to come up with the best ways which he will use to be able to ease his task.

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