Essay: Man should not be Viewed from an Economic Perspective

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Essay: Man should not be Viewed from an Economic Perspective

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It’s this exploitation of workers based on liberal ideas that create the class-consciousness, which eventually gives confidence to the workers to begin fighting against the bourgeoisie in order for them to enjoy fundamental human rights. the bourgeoisie on their part ensure that they do not lose their class identity and therefore resort to the use of state machinery to protect and promote their class interests hence in this type of society the government in power usually the bourgeoisie .This can only be changed if; according to Foucault, identity is disillusioned and the people work together in discipline while their government works toward fostering the population in harmony through protection of life which is sacred.

He says that institution are related in a way of freezing particular relation of power so that a certain number of people are advantaged in a liberal world for instance the rich will take their children to good school and in turn will get a good job opportunities .The poor man on the other hand will not have access to education and the children will end up working in the farms of the rich where they will be exploited extremey.This has propagated the gap between the poor and the rich which Foucault is against. People should be timed according to their lines of talents their economic and social status withstanding. Man should not be exclusively viewed from economic perspective.

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