Essay: Maintenance and Entry to Rented Premises by landlord

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Essay: Maintenance and Entry to Rented Premises by landlord

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Under both local and international law, the landlord should make repairs to rental units as soon so that he avoids causing problems to the tenants and inconveniencing the tenants while in the rented premise.  The law also categorically differentiates between the minor and major repairs and maintenance. In this case major problems within the rental premise should be fixed by the landlord within 24 hours (Ernest, 2005, pp. 102). These category of major problems are such as water and electricity, plumbing, heating problem, weather proofing.  This is because these major problems are essential to the human survival, therefore shortfall in their supply results to inconvenience and possibly harm the tenants.

For instance in this case of Sam and Tom; the leaking roof in the kitchen is more of a problem. Since the kitchen is such a vital and significant section in a house that handles the greatest basic need which is food. Therefore leaking not only is a physical problem, but also risks the life of Sam and Tom as a result of contamination of the food stuffs.  Additionally, furnace failure I chilly conditions risk them with diseases that may affect their body system. This abuses the essence and purpose of housing. Since such a house is not worthy to be classified as a shelter, when the external harsh conditions resembles the internal conditions which human beings strive against to satisfy.

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