Essay: Maintaining the Romanticism

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Essay: Maintaining the Romanticism

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He is fully obsessed with romanticism of America but he des not mix this with the tasks he has to undertake. Still maintaining the romanticism, he does not see the people who try to kill him as enemies but just as other people making him look like an unlike military man rather than a hero. This makes him very curious. He undergoes very painful kind of torture but all he is doing is having interest in people and the food being cooked. Curiosity and optimism keep him going although disarming several people. He has a very bad time with the judges who are torturing him intensely but he cannot see them as monsters but people who are worthy smiling at. This behavior is not only disarming to the people who torture him but also very annoying since he behaves the opposite of what is expected of him. He never looks scared even when the conditions are very scaring neither is he giving up in life even when there seems to be no hope.

When interviewed, Bale has very simple reasons to offer as to why he prefers acting in the challenging positions. He says that he likes challenging himself to see how far he can go by acting in positions, which will take him to hell and bring him back. This shows that this kind of acting is in borne rather than being forced for he relaxes while acting but not forcing any element of it. He loves the challenging positions including wresting with snakes and swimming in snake-infested rivers. This is what he sees as the reality and is what he should take for him to feel contended with his acting. He loves the daredevil incidences he has to encounter in his acting for instance the part in which he is eating maggots for real. This is a part many people would not wish to be associated with.

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