Essay: The lottery by Shirley Jackson

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Essay: The lottery by Shirley Jackson

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The lottery by Shirley Jackson written in 1948 and was characterized by vast criticism and was even banned in some places since Jackson employed literature devices such as comedy  and irony to display the high degree of evil, weaknesses and the insincerity of the human race.

The story is set in a village a united village constituting of about three hundred people who follow their traditions. Among their traditions is an annual lottery whereby one member of the village is chosen randomly and killed by stoning. Jackson presents this lottery clearly displaying its uniqueness and the reader expects that the winner may be awarded with a great present. Before the draw, she, Jackson, describe the women in their usual manner, “They greeted one another and exchanged bits of gossip— (Jackson 281). It is not until the end of the suspicious draw where the society members massacre the winner.

One of the most evident themes in the story Lottery is the human evil and insincerity. The annual tradition of lottery, which is very evil, is carried out in a small village of three hundred people where every one knows the other. The society members have ordinary names but Jackson is also able to present the evil act in a very ordinary manner where people to be very close to each other. However, it is apparent that these people are not as good as they appear since it is not common to kill one of your own who you obviously know. The lottery appears harmless but Jackson sends some insight about the evil of the lottery through Mr. Summers, who manages the lottery and Mr. Craves.

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