Essay: Lord Of The Flies

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Essay: Lord Of The Flies

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William Golding – a renowned British novelist – was born in 1911 to a schoolmaster father and a mother who supported the British suffragette movement. During his childhood, stories of man deserted in nature, for example, Coral Island stimulated Golding who began authorship while aged seven. With respect to his parents’ ideas, Golding enrolled for a Natural Sciences course at Oxford before venturing into English Literature 2 years later. In 1934, Golding finalized his initial book – a compilation of poetry.  Following his graduation at Oxford, he became a Salisbury schoolmaster.

Golding’s active participation in the Royal Navy’s World War II campaigns made him to witness the evil and barbarism that exists in humanity, experiences that inspired his authorship themes. Golding was discharged in 1945, thus reverting to teaching and writing whereby he viewed European civilization as evil. This concept is encapsulated in Golding’s remark that humanity’s propensity to evil is characterized by same zeal that characterizes bees’ honey making activities.

Lord of the Flies, Golding’s 1954 most extensively read book, became a global bestseller despite being rejected by twenty-one publishers. This novel explored a recurrent fictional theme, namely, the clash between the humanizing power of reason and humanity’s intrinsic barbarism. No clear thread links Golding’s novels; his works however scrutinize the evil of humanity’s heart besides exploring profound, ethical and religious questions. Lord of the Flies was filmed in 1963 and 1990 besides being translated into numerous languages. Golding quit teaching in 1961, dedicating all his time to authorship. Most of the author’s works were however eclipsed by the critical and popular acclaim of the Lord of the Flies book. Golding led a quiet life in Cornwall as a modestly reclusive and eccentric individual. He was rewarded with the Commander of the British Empire (CBE) award in 1965 before being knighted in 1988. Golding also received the 1983 Nobel Prize for Literature.

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