Essay: Loneliness and Seclusion in Lady of Shalott

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Essay: Loneliness and Seclusion in Lady of Shalott

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It is important to note that the versions have the same theme, which is that of loneliness and seclusion. When the Lady of Shalott notices a man in the “blue, unclouded weather,” she has to stop weaving her web in order to admire him. This shows that the Lady was desperate for company but it was not forthcoming (1832, 3). Though she was being despised in her hometown we learn that she was beautiful as is evidenced by the comments of Sir Lancelot. He acknowledges that she is a beautiful maiden and asks the Lord to have mercy on her.

Women were being mistreated in the society as they were being considered as only good for reproducing children who would inherit their families. Because of this, they had a lot of time to think about their lives. Their husbands and other male family members viewed them as objects. The Lady of Shalott had a very lonely life since the only thing that kept her company was her web weaving and her singing. The poem depicts the kind of society that was lived in the nineteenth century. Since she is not supposed to set her eyes on the real world, the moment she does so a curse befalls her and she meets her death. It shows how women had little choices to make in their lives.

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