Essay: Lola’s character in Run Lola Run

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Essay: Lola’s character in Run Lola Run

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The movie uses the ‘time loop’ device to portray how important the (apparently) insignificant events are. There are three runs, in which Lola deals with the people and the accidents she meets during her mission differently.

This technique is usually used in science fiction movies, where time runs normally and then flips and starts over from some point, as if the lives of all major character have been ‘reset’. However, for viewers the three runs would feel like a continuous journey, and they would see Lola’s experience as a series of events in her life. So the ‘time loop’ has been employed effectively to generate sympathy and understanding for Lola who is forced to rob a bank in one take, and also has to go through accidents including her own and her boyfriend’s death in the other takes. This technique and Lola’s character has been described by the film critic Roger Ebert as having video-game like qualities where multiple lives  are needed to win.

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